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4T For Men 700 mg 60 Caps

4T For Men 700 mg 60 Caps


Testosterone is a steroid hormone of the androgen group found in humans. It is very important to maintain it at normal levels because if it decreases the amount below normal, symptoms such as lack of strength, fatigue, unstable sleep, lack of libido, etc.

testoteronaImproves muscle growth: High levels will provide muscular quality
testoteronaImproves sexual function: Helps men maintain active libido and therefore improves sexual function, reducing the odds of infertility.
testoteronaProvides energy: This hormone helps keep men more energetic and active
testoteronaControl fat levels: When levels of this hormone fall, body fat tends to increase.
testoteronaEmotional well-being: when the levels are high, it creates a sense of confidence and our self-esteem rises, desire and ambition increase through the stimulation of the brain amygdala.

Take 1 capsule daily.

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