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Dexatrim Max Women - Increase Libido Sexual

Dexatrim Max Women - Increase Libido Sexual
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Increase libido or even restore lack of sex drive, Improve level of excitement during foreplay; Intensifies sexual sensation.

dexatrim max womenBenefits blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris. Strengthens orgasm, and increases likelihood of multiple orgasm. Creates more frequent interest in, and enjoyment of sex. Enhances fertility by tonifying and strengthening the entire reproductive system.


Main Ingredients: Licorice Root, Saff Lower, aphrodisiac factors and grape pulp.


Specification: 3800mg*2pills*12plates/pack


Usage and Dosage: Taken orally, 1 capsule one time before sex


Precautions: Don't take this drug repeatedly in 24hours;


Don't be anxious for success and take the drug in excessanies

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