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Duro and Maduro

Duro and Maduro
Brand: Productos la Rosa
Product Code: 06-09
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What is Natural Product Duro and Maduro ?

Duro and Maduro is a supplement that helps you to the penis may have greater resistance as it gets bigger and thicker and can better enjoy the relationship.

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Hard fact organic and mature high quality botanicals along with other natural ingredients

Hard and Erotic Mature Enable glands to create an ejaculation, stimulates growth, anyone can try also will feel full of energy and lively, Hard and Maduro is safe for Hypertensive people.


* Achieve faster erections.

* Achieve longer lasting erections.

• Increases energy.

* Helps premature ejaculation.

* Have better orgasms.

* Reduce "Down Time".

* Increase Penis Size

How to Use Duro and Maduro: taken orally 45-60 minutes before sexual intercourse, a pill for every moment.

duro and maduro

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