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Peyote Gel 250gs

Peyote Gel 250gs
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Peyote GelPeyote Gel

Peyote gel with Cannabis (Marihuana - Marijuana) effective for muscle pains due to physical or age.

It helps to deflate and relieve pain, lupus, skin cancer, muscle pain, bumps, ligaments, sprains, varicose veins, arthritis, bone pain, swelling of the feet and hands, cough, flu, anguines and bronchi. It is topical (it is smeared in the part to treat) is not ointment, it is a GEL, it does not contain fat or dyes, it is a product 100% NATURAL

Peyote Gel

Peyote (15% alkaloids) * Cannabis * Arnica * Camphor * Artemis * Calendula * Guayacan * Menthol * Eucalyptus * Garlic

Peyote GelPeyote Gel

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