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Shampoo and conditioner lawrens with collagen 16 Fl. Oz.

Shampoo and conditioner lawrens with collagen 16 Fl. Oz.
Brand: Several
Product Code: HC00-082
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Shampoo and conditioner lawrences with collagen

* In its formula, it has a special blend for the hair to grow healthy and strong.

* A noticeable change in length will be felt in a few weeks of use

* The ingredients of this natural product Shampoo, offer complete revitalization in your scalp, so much so that gives full backing to new hair.

* Eliminates dryness and gives your hair the solution you've been looking to keep strength and elasticity.

* This natural product Shampoo, MAKES new life to your hair.


DIRECTIONS: Wash hair, apply and let lather take effect for 2-3 minutes with abundant water rinse.


shampoo lawrensshampoo lawrens

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